Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Tanning

What is Spray Tanning?
How long does it take to get an airbrush tan?
What should I wear during my session?
What should I wear after my appointment?
What is DHA?
Will I look orange?
How soon before my event should I get tanned?
How long will my airbrush tan last?
Will swimming affect my tan?
Can I still get a UV tan with my airbrush tan?
Can I get an airbrush tan if I’m pregnant?
What is your cancellation policy?

All Visits by Appointment Only


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We come to where you need us to be.

* All tans must be checked at the end of your session. We are not responsible for anything that happens after. 

** Cancellation Policy : 72 hours prior to appointment.

*** Deposits are required for all bookings. Deposits are non refundable and non transferable.

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